Any day is a learning day!

The beauty of being home educated is it isn’t 9 o clock till 3 0 clock, Monday to Friday.

Take Friday for example, I don’t know why but I didn’t really feel in the mood for learning. It’s not productive if the drive isn’t there. So I didn’t do any formal learning but did it all on Saturday. It doesn’t matter if its a weekend or not.

If that was a school day despite not feeling it I would have had to carry on.

We have already decided when we go on holiday we are going to be taking books and doing as much as we can. Of course when you are on holiday, in a new place there is so much to learn anyway!

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The freedom of being home educated.

One thing that I love about being home educated is the freedom. You’re in control what you learn, how you learn and how long you learn. I have already mentioned which GCSEs I’m taking, the choice was mine and also there were more choices available to me than my school offered.

Studies have shown that a teenager can only concentrate for 20 minutes on one task without becoming distracted. Research into home education suggests that 90 minutes of intensive learning is the same equivalent of the learning you do within a school setting. We aim to do an hour and half each day and if I’m enjoying it we will do more. That doesn’t mean once we have done an hour and a half of learning we stop, I have a little break then come back and do a new subject. I can also do some of my online courses which are really interesting. Then I do some of my blog 🙂

Take yesterday as an example I did 90 minutes of psychology. Then an hour of martial arts training. Then me and my mum went out for lunch. Then we came back and did some of my social media course. Then I updated my blog. Sounds like a perfect day eh?

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As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am taking psychology GCSE. I am planning to taking it in the summer, so out of all the subjects I am learning, psychology is my main focus.

I picked psychology as a GCSE that I want to take because it wasn’t an option in school.

This is definitely one of the bonuses of being home educated because it gives me a lot more freedom in my own learning.

I’m enjoying the psychology course so far, It’s really interesting! A lot of people were wondering how we are going to learn. We are just using the Edexcel Psychology textbook which is really easy to get around it all, as it comes with questions to practice your knowledge.

There are two papers for the psychology GCSE. The first one is multiple choice questions and the other is more written answers.

The topics in the GCSE are:

  • How do we see our world?
  • Is dreaming meaningful?
  • Do TV and video games affect young people’s behaviour?
  • Why do we have phobias?
  • Are criminals born or made?

I feel like this course is really good for people my age as all the topics are really interesting.

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The social side.

What a lot of people worry about when considering taking their child out or leaving school is the social side of things.

When I left I had a lot of comments saying things like “Well what are you going to do about friends?”

I live in the Huddersfield area and there are plenty of meet ups with other home educated students. This is a really good way to meet new faces, learn about others situations and possibly get some advice.

Many children do out of school activities already so they are developing their social skills there, not all friends come from school.

Me personally I do Martial Arts and have done for over ten years. I have made lots of new friends there and see them out of the Dojo aswell.

Also one of my best friends went to primary school but didn’t go to the same high school as me and I still him regularly.

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Thank you for the amount of support on yesterday’s blog, I can’t believe how many views it has!

Some of the people who got in touch said that they hoped this blog would be helpful on their  or their children’s journey.

I’d love to be able to inspire others in my situation.

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It’s all about choices when you’re not in school!

Since you’ve been at high school you’ve been waiting for the day at the end of year 9 when you get to pick your options… But is it really ever your option?!

I chose my options but it was very limited in what I could choose. Now as a home educated student there are so many more options open to me.

My choices

I’ve chosen to take one GCSE early in psychology. So thats my main focus at the moment. Then next year I’m taking English Language, Maths, Geography and Business Studies. I am going to be learning about life and hope to experience lots of different things. I’d like to visit Auschwitz to see history for myself.

I’m also doing some online courses, one of which is on the anthropology of social media.

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