As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am taking psychology GCSE. I am planning to taking it in the summer, so out of all the subjects I am learning, psychology is my main focus.

I picked psychology as a GCSE that I want to take because it wasn’t an option in school.

This is definitely one of the bonuses of being home educated because it gives me a lot more freedom in my own learning.

I’m enjoying the psychology course so far, It’s really interesting! A lot of people were wondering how we are going to learn. We are just using the Edexcel Psychology textbook which is really easy to get around it all, as it comes with questions to practice your knowledge.

There are two papers for the psychology GCSE. The first one is multiple choice questions and the other is more written answers.

The topics in the GCSE are:

  • How do we see our world?
  • Is dreaming meaningful?
  • Do TV and video games affect young people’s behaviour?
  • Why do we have phobias?
  • Are criminals born or made?

I feel like this course is really good for people my age as all the topics are really interesting.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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