The freedom of being home educated.

One thing that I love about being home educated is the freedom. You’re in control what you learn, how you learn and how long you learn. I have already mentioned which GCSEs I’m taking, the choice was mine and also there were more choices available to me than my school offered.

Studies have shown that a teenager can only concentrate for 20 minutes on one task without becoming distracted. Research into home education suggests that 90 minutes of intensive learning is the same equivalent of the learning you do within a school setting. We aim to do an hour and half each day and if I’m enjoying it we will do more. That doesn’t mean once we have done an hour and a half of learning we stop, I have a little break then come back and do a new subject. I can also do some of my online courses which are really interesting. Then I do some of my blog 🙂

Take yesterday as an example I did 90 minutes of psychology. Then an hour of martial arts training. Then me and my mum went out for lunch. Then we came back and did some of my social media course. Then I updated my blog. Sounds like a perfect day eh?

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


3 thoughts on “The freedom of being home educated.

  1. Massive Respect Harland,it’s a big decision to do what you have done,good thing to share your experience with others to prove you can achieve anything if your confident in your self ,nice blogs keep them coming……

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